Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ready for Spring

 Last weekend it was gorgeous and Hayden and Quinn had fun playing in the yard.  Hayden planted plants while Quinn ate dirt.
 I wish I could say she only did it once, but I caught her eating dirt twice!
 Hayden had a blast on her teeter totter
 Quinn is getting so big!
 Hayden is into taking our camera and taking pictures of herself.  I assume this is her practicing her mug shot
Hayden got her first cadbury egg....she loved it!

Below is a video of her eating the egg.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photo Dump!!!

 I completely apologize for the 2 month delay in the blog.  Inexcusable!!!  I promise to be better.  In my defense, I couldn't figure out how to upload pictures when the blog site that I used made some changes.  Luckily, my amazing niece, Grace, who also has her own blog (and pictured above) fixed it for me.  Thanks Grace!  These next few photos are of Hayden's 4th birthday.  This is her and Grace opening up Shanda and Kirt's gardening tool set they gave her.  She LOVED it!
 This is the first year she didn't cry when singing Happy Birthday!
 Hayden has enjoyed her first "real" winter.  She told me she wanted a snowman holding balloons on her birthday cake.  Ask, and ye shall receive!
 Quinn has been talking a ton.  She tries to sing "Are you sleeping", the ABC's, and Twinkle Twinkle.  She can say Mommy, Daddy, Guido, Hay Hay, No, Milk, Thank You, I love you, Auntie, etc. 
 This was a photo at Hayden's Christmas program
 Hayden did great at her Christmas program.  I was so proud of her!  I clearly don't dress her in dresses enough, because instead of singing, she preferred to twirl her dress.  LOL!  She makes me laugh so much :)
 Hayden isn't picky.  She asked Santa for Toys, Presents and Candy.  I think Santa can deliver that....
 Quinn was pissed because we took her egg roll away to sit on Santa's lap.  She was not having it!
Sitting on Pa Pa's lap checking out her Xmas gift 
 Passed out with Aunt Lisa
 All the grand kids....Mitch, Quinn, Hay, Grace, Will, Ken and Jo.  Notice how Hay and Quinn were not in the mood......
 Ken and Jo had these tall snowman decorations and the girls loved them!  How cute is this photo?
 Hayden and Daddy made their first snowman.  Kinda looks like Jabba The Hut.  Better luck next time....

The below picture is of Gracie at her birthday party
We did Hayden's birthday party a few week's after her actual birthday.  But on her "actual" day, we surprised her before preschool with a chocolate cupcake and a balloon!  Hay is normally very grumpy in the morning, maybe I should do this every day :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hello Blog Followers,

I completely apologize for taking so long to post.  Tonight I had every intention to post all the wonderful pictures from Christmas......

I sat down with Pho, a glass of wine, and motivation.  But to my dismay, it looks like blogspot changed up their website and I cannot download photos or videos from my computer folders. 

So......I got nothing!  I will work on a remedy, but I do apologize for not posting pics of adorable little Quinn and Hayden.

Stay tuned and I appreciate your patience!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

San Fran

 This is a pic of Hayden and I baking cookies.
 Quinn tried to help.  Aren't baby legs and butts so cute?
 I had to go to San Fran for a conference and (lucky for me) Loli and Mandy flew up from San Diego and I extended my trip through the weekend!  We had a blast and Kevin is a Saint for watching the girls all weekend.  ESPECIALLY since Quinn was sick :(
 On Friday afternoon, we rented a car and went into Mill Valley to hike the DipSea Trail. The trees are so tall and amazing!
 This was (hands down) one of the most memorable and beautiful experiences in my life.  It was breathtaking!!!

Quinn is talking up a storm.  She can say, Hi, Happy, Mommy, Daddy, Uh-Oh, Guido, Hay Hay and more.  Here is a video of her doing non of it :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Charleston, Thanksgiving, Baby Brooklyn

 2 weeks ago, Kevin and I got to go to Charleston SC with my company.  We had a great time and Clay and Lisa watched Hayden and Quinn.  We stayed in a historic hotel (The Planters) and it was amazing.....turn down service and all!
 The view from our hotel
 I got to hang out with two coworkers from San Diego and San Fran.  It was great to see Ashley and Andrea. 
 Eating at Poogan's Porch.  The scallops over cheesey grits were to.die.for!
 Most of my company works remote so it was great to put faces to the name.  These people live in (FL, CA, TX and GA)
 The trees in Charleston were amazing
 So was the food.  You are looking at Fried Chicken Skins with hot sauce and pig ear lettuce wraps!
 Kevin and I stayed a few more days with Stephanie and Craig (who also live in Columbus).  Starting the day off right with bottomless mimosas!
 yeah.....I could live in this :)
 When we returned we got ready to host the Seiple Thanksgiving.  Here is Grandma Jo and Quinn.  See any resemblance?
 Papa and Hay
 Gracie was a huge help.  She is a great cook and has her own blog "minicookingqueen"  Check it out!  I follow it so you can access it from my site.
 Chef Kevin made a fabulous turkey!
 Clay was the King of the gravy
 Hayden.....well, she was just Hayden.....
 Lisa and I
 Papap, Uncle Clay and Hay
 Gracie and Mitch
 We also celebrated Papap's 70th birthday!
 Quinn and Hayden love their Grandma Jo and Papap
 We went to Kalida to watch the Buckeye's beat Michigan and got to see my friend Jill's 2 week old, Brooklyn.  Hayden loved her!
The beautiful mom and baby.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Surprise Party, Halloween, Loli and Yogi!!!

 Epic Fail on my ability to post the blog weekly!  I will try to be better, however, Kevin and I are going out of town next week, so expect the next blog to be after Thanksgiving.  These past few weeks have been a ton of fun.  My cousins (David and Stacy) threw a surprise 60th Bday party for their mom, Linda.  We went home to Kalida for the party and it was a great time.  Quinn was a bit sick, but she still had fun.
 She is wearing the cutest outfit that Auntie H got her for her Bday.
 Hay, of course, had a great time.  P.S. Nice photo bomb, Quinn :)
 She found a scooter and had a blast!!!
 Of course we also had Halloween.  Hay was a sheep and she had a blast!  She road her Dora Big Wheels and filled her bag with candy.  It was cold and rainy, so she gave up after about an hour and a half.  But she loved her costume!
 Quinn was a lion!  She was soo cute, but grumpy.  She is not enjoying having to wear all these extra layers in Ohio. She fusses every morning that we put on her winter jacket.  She is going to be our summer and flip flops girl!
 The biggest event of this month was that Loli and Yogi flew in from San Diego!!!  We were so excited to see them!  I took them to pick Hayden up from preschool and she about lost her mind when they walked in!!!!  She ran and gave them the biggest hugs!  Here is a pic of Yogi and Quinn (look at her starting early trying to steal beer) - bless her heart
 We tailgated for the Buckeye v. Illinois game and had a blast.  Loli wore about 7 layers of clothes, but stayed warm!
 Jill, Craig, Shanda and Kirt came too.  We had babysitters for all 5 kids and had a blast! 
It was a great time and we were sad to see them go.  The day after they left, Hayden asked me where they were and I told them "San Diego."  She was so sad!  We will have to do it again!